Most web users have only a few e-mail addresses, or even one. And when they need to secretly register on any site, or provide mail to a potential spammer, it is convenient for them to use temporary mailboxes. The temporary mailbox has the same normal functionality and, accordingly, it can be used for the same purposes. The duration of the existence of temporary email addresses is a few hours.

There is nothing more permanent than temporary. Is computer literacy worse? It should apply not only to permanent things and phenomena, but also to temporary things, shouldn’t it? A typical example of inconsistency is the so-called temporary email or temporary email inbox.

Use whenever you want

If an email address that has already become familiar is usually used, then why do I need a temporary mailbox?

— Write anonymous letters?

— Send spam?

— No, not for that. Temporary mail is needed for users who for some reason do not want to specify their personal email.

To start using any Internet service, such as a forum or a gaming website, a dating website, you need to register. It requires you to enter a valid email box, which will receive a link with registration confirmation. And then from this service, website or forum will start sending news, advertising or other unnecessary information, the so-called "spam".

Typical spam messages

Many people do not like to “shine” their real or business mailing addresses because then they have to regularly clean their mail from any extra alerts that appear. The easiest way to get rid of this is to apply a spam filter to these sources. But advertising messages can get on the box with a growing progression, and even the filter can no longer handle it.

In the end, the mailbox will have to forget or delete. There are several ways to get around this problem.

One of them is to open a mailbox just for such purposes. But the likelihood that it can be hacked increases. There is a more interesting and profitable option - the creation of a “temporary” email address! That is why we came up with!